Conscious Creation-The Key To A Fantastic Life

Conscious creation is the attempt of making an effort to create the life you want for yourself. However it’s more complicated than just suddenly changing your life. Conscious creation is taking your creativity and making it reality. One of the beliefs of conscious creation is that we all have a reality that no one else knows anything about. And that each and every one of us can make a reality with everything we want in it and believe in.

Everyday at the beginning of sun rise we affect that reality, be it good or bad. Through our conscious effort,we shift that reality we create into a good or bad direction. The main thing of this belief is channeling. This can be taken two ways. Some think it means to channel your ideas and desires,and others think it means to channel other spirits that are wise to share. Some may even use it both ways. It’s also believed that we create our own reality,though we may not realize it. So basically,if something bad happens to you,it was your choice for this event to happen. For example,if you were born into poverty,many will tell you,you made those choices,so you could experience poverty. If a serious illness harbors itself in your body,believers will tell you,that you made the choice to house the illness or disease,whether you were aware or not.

By gaining control you can change your circumstances and create a more positive life. It is through the art of conscious creation,you will start off each day with a goal. Rather than the simple goals you make a point to fulfill each day such as waking up on time and getting to work on time,you’re going to think about bigger goals. These are your new goals. You need to choose goals that will help you get closer to the reality you want.

In order to create your own reality,you need to analyze your beliefs. For example,right now you think most people are greedy and don’t care about anyone else. You directed your energy into this thought and now most of the people in your life will be as you thought they were. If you change your belief to a more positive one where you think people are of good heart,most of the people will fit this description because you directed belief and energy into it. The same goes for if you believe you’ll never get out of debt,you’re probably correct. But if you take that extra step each day and think about getting out of debt,you eventually will be debt free.

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