Magnetic Attraction and Your Happiness Will Manifest

An important concept in physics and science is magnetic attraction. It is the force that one object uses to attract another object, similar to how a magnet attracts metal. Magnetic attraction is at work in your life and it is not the one that is keeping your grocery list on the refrigerator. When something draws an item towards itself, it has attracted something. Certain people have a tendency to attract a certain kind of person to themselves and that is a kind of magnetic force. When people attract negative people or a negative situation this is the same principle at work.

How do you make magnetic attraction work for you? You first need to understand the law of attraction and what it could mean for you. One of the principles of the law of attraction is that you must decide what you wish to have, and then put forth an invitation to the universe so that it will give you what you want. This has been defined as praying for the thing and some just ask the universe instead. You must welcome what you want in the comfortable way for you. Then you have to believe that you will receive it. By taking these steps you are using magnetic attraction to attract what you want. Your thoughts and beliefs are a force that will pull what you want towards you.

It may help to understand the principle behind positive thinking and deliberate creation before you begin to use magnetic attraction. When using positive thinking and deliberate creation you need to focus on that which you want or what you want to achieve. Then believe it is possible and visualize it with your mind. For instance if you wanted to run a mile within a certain amount of minutes, you would first relax and then imagine running the mile in the amount of time that you wanted. You could do this by seeing yourself running and approaching the mile mark while visualizing a clock. The same method can be used in other areas such as your financial life.

First you must know what you are wanting, then believe you can have it and visualize yourself getting what you wanted. The positive thoughts and beliefs create a magnetic pull that will pull things towards you, such as financial gain. Like attracts like, so if you have negative beliefs then you will draw negativity to yourself. On the other hand, if you believe positive thoughts, you will attract positive in your life. You can see this in action when you look at certain people and the types of people that they attract to them. Negative people seem to attract negative relationships and many problems and more positive people will attract positive friends and relationships. Magnetic attraction can work in every aspect of your life, including finances and relationships.

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