Relieve Kidney Stones Naturally

Kidney stones are an extremely painful health condition. The stones are caused by a buildup of calcium and will cause problems when a person tries to urinate. Typically they are caused by infections,disease or dehydration. The stones may take quite some time to form so you may not even be aware of them at first. They are formed when your body cannot clear urinary waste. This waste buildup can form a solid blockage which is the cause of kidney stones and the resultant pain. Even patients that aren’t considered at risk can get them.

However, there is great news! There are natural wholesome herbs available that relieve kidney stones. Some of the symptoms of kidney stones are: pain in your lower stomach, pain in your groin or back along with vomiting, pain while urinating, and dark orange or reddish urine. Once the stone has been formed it is important to get rid of it immediately so that pain can be relieved and you don’t sustain serious damage to your kidneys. One thing you can do to prevent a kidney stone from forming is to drink water and plenty of it daily. The proper amount of fluids will help to keep your kidneys flushed and prevent any stones from forming.

Some diuretic type herbs can increase the flow of urine, including:juniper berry, dandelion, meadow sweet, fennel, horsetail, corn silk, sassafras and goldenrod. If you are already suffering from kidney stones the following herbs can help relieve them :

1. Hydrangea will help to dissolve the kidney stones and allow a person to urinate easier. It will also help relieve stomach pain,as well as groin and back pain associated with the kidney stones. Possible side effects include diarrhea though your results may be different.

2. Catnip will unblock urine so that it can flow easier.However, it can cause cramping and gas.

3. Cleavers are a wonderful remedy for many bladder and kidney issues. It can relieve the problem of not being able to urinate because of blockage as well as help the liver.It can also remove stones in the kidney as well as the bladder. This herb can be put into tea. To a quart of water add three to four ounces of dried Cleavers. For maximum benefit, you should drink the tea daily. The tea will prevent kidney stones as well as dissolve existing ones.

Kidney stones can be really painful and it can be difficult to urinate. The stones can seriously damage your kidneys and that is the bad news. The good news is that they may be prevented using natural herbs. If you already have kidney stones, there are herbs that will help relieve them.

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