AI Marketing is a form of online marketing leveraging artificial intelligence theory and concept such as predictive coding and machine learning to accomplish marketing objectives. The main differences lies in the reasoning part that suggests it is done by software and algorithm rather than human. This is one of the emerging trends in the world of internet marketing and e commerce. Its main goal is to provide business owners with an opportunity to have more control over their marketing campaigns which means that they will be able to control the cost of their ads and the results of their marketing campaigns.

It can be said that this type of marketing relies on predicting the data that humans can gather or analyze and then having an algorithm to analyze that data and generate the best possible campaign based on the information provided. It has been said that humans are not good at this type of analytics because they are prone to error and make mistakes while calculating the same. Another disadvantage is that human beings are good at gathering data, but it can take too much time and human beings are also prone to making wrong decisions. On the other hand, an artificial intelligent machine does not need human intervention; all it needs to do is collect data and perform calculations to produce a desired result.

This is done by using different algorithms that analyze the data and determine what data are relevant to human beings, and what information is not relevant to human beings, and also which keywords are most often searched by humans. Then it uses this knowledge to generate ads that will best target those keywords in the most effective manner.

It is a new age in the world of marketing and e commerce. With the help of these sophisticated programs, people will be able to have more control over their marketing campaigns and have better results because their decision making process will be made based on the logic that an algorithm was able to use to calculate the results. They will also be able to focus on more important factors in choosing what type of ads they want to run and what type of keywords will be the most profitable for their campaigns.

As human beings, it will be quite hard to compete with these new types of programs because of the way they can analyze and determine what is important to us and what is not so important. These programs will also be able to perform better with the data that we already have. and even learn from our mistakes, which human beings tend to do in many aspects of life. Since we have all the knowledge in the world, why don’t we share some of it?

By using these programs, it is very likely that we will be able to do better at our own marketing campaigns because we will be able to create new campaigns based on the previous results of the previous campaigns. The only disadvantage is that it will cost more money since it requires more manpower and more time for the program to be up and running. But the advantage is that we will be able to be in charge of the marketing campaigns which will allow us to have more control of our campaigns and we can have better results.

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