Alcoholism Symptoms – Are You An Alcoholic

When you have a drinking problem you don’t really see it yourself, in fact you will probably deny it for a while even when you suspect you may have a problem. When you look at alcoholic symptoms you may not think that you fit the bill, but if you are really honest with yourself you might find that you do have an alcohol abuse problem. Here are some symptoms to look through and if you have any of these then you may indeed be an alcoholic.

1. Do you give up social events or activities because of alcohol? One symptom of alcohol abuse is when you start showing up to social events, activities and even your job because you prefer to be drinking.

2. Have you put either yourself or others in danger? If you have, and especially if it happens regularly then you really have a serious problem.

3. Can you go out and have just one or two drinks and then stop? If you go out expecting to only have a couple of drinks but come home extremely drunk and can’t even remember the evening, then you have a problem. If you find that once you have a drink you just keep on going and just don’t know when to stop, then this is a symptom of alcoholism.

4. Do you ever feel ashamed or guilty about your drinking? You may not admit that you have a problem, but inside you actually feel ashamed and try to hide your drinking. You need to take pride in yourself and stand up and admit that you have a drinking problem.

5. Is your drinking affecting other areas of your life? Every day you make choices in your life that are based on what is important to you. If your behavior is destructive to either you or others and you continue with that behavior anyway, then you are basically saying that your drinking is more important than those you hurt by your destructive behavior. If your friends or your family are negatively affected by your drinking and yet you continue to drink, then you are saying that alcohol is more important than your family and friends.

6. Has your body built a tolerance to alcohol? Does it take you more drinks to get the same buzz that you once got from just a couple of drinks? When you first start drinking it may only take a couple of drinks to give you a buzz but as your build a tolerance to alcohol it takes more and more to get that same buzz. Your body will then suffer more and more of the negative effects of drinking alcohol. You may begin to experience other problems mentally, physically and socially.

7. Have you hurt someone as a result of your drinking? When you drink too much you lose control over what you are doing and you can put yourself and others in a dangerous situation. If you hurt someone physically while you are drunk imagine the consequences for that person. What if you seriously hurt someone or even killed someone while you are drunk? Or perhaps you have mentally hurt someone while you were drinking, although it doesn’t have the same results as hurting someone physically, it can still have some devastating results.

If you have a drinking problem then it’s time to stop lying to yourself, stop denying you have a problem and face the truth. Look at these alcoholism symptoms and if you have any of these then it’s time to get help.

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