Asthma Home Remedies That Will Help

With the dramatic increase of asthma over the last several years, many people are looking for alternative ways to treat their symptoms and lessen the number of attacks they get. They are always on the lookout for asthma home remedies, and there are many things that an asthma sufferer can do to make life easier.

The most common type of asthma is allergic asthma. This form of asthma is caused by dust mites, mold, pet dander, and pollen. Once you know what causes an attack you can avoid the potential causes. All of these things can be avoided fairly easily with just a little forethought.

Here are some tips:

1. Don’t get rid of Fido, just be careful not to stir up a lot of dander by petting him, or her. Also don’t let the dog or cat into your bedroom and don’t spend time in a confined space, such as a car, with your pet.

Bathing your pet with warm water frequently can also help keep the dander under control. Just don’t use soap too often or you will cause them skin irritation.

2. You may not really want to know that dust mites aren’t really the problem, their dead bodies and fecal matter are. Yuck! Still, knowledge is power so now that you know you can help control it. While it would be virtually impossible to completely rid your home of all dust mites you can make sure to use a tightly sealed mattress cover, buy new pillows at least once a year, wash your sheets in hot water at least weekly, and your blankets at least twice a month, try not to have wall to wall carpeting instead opt for hard floors or machine washable rugs.

Stay away from dusting and sweeping. These activities just stir up a bunch of dust in the air. If you absolutely must clean, though I personally think someone should step up and do it for you!, make sure you wear a dust mask.

3. Avoid mold. Mold is bad even if you don’t have asthma. One thing you can do is hire someone to inspect your house for signs of mold. Places that are dark and damp are like a vacation spot for mold so make sure your inspector looks under sinks, in basements and attics, and around your foundation.

They should also inspect your air conditioning unit, your humidifiers, and vaporizers and of course your bathroom including the shower heads.

4. Using a home air purifier, especially in your bedroom, can help a lot too. Just make sure you, or someone else, keeps the filters cleaned or replaced.

While asthma is on the increase, particularly allergic asthma, you can protect yourself from attacks by just following some simple asthma home remedies. These things are easy to do but can provide a huge impact on the air quality of your home. That will not only help lessen your attacks it can also provide a much healthier environment for everyone in your family.

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