Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal – Long Lasting

Using lasers for hair removal is a growing trend, one of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that this type of hair removal, while not totally permanent, can last a long time. When considering bikini line laser hair removal there are some important things you should know.

Most people will be told by their doctor, or whoever they have performing the procedure, that they need to stop all other hair removal methods for a period of time before the laser procedure. You may also be told to stop all tanning, whether natural or artificial. Your doctor will also let you know what pain medications you may want to use prior to the treatments, though many claim that they really aren’t effective for relieving the discomfort of the procedure.

You may also be told to temporarily discontinue use of certain prescription medications directly before the procedure. This is especially true if you are taking any medications that are known to cause excessive intolerance to sunlight. These drugs can actually cause your skin to burn during your laser treatment.

Not everyone is a candidate for laser hair removal. The people who tend to get the best results are those with dark colored hair since the lasers can target the darker hairs much better than lighter hairs. It used to be that you also needed to be light skin since the contrast between hair color and skin color made it easier for the lasers to ‘see’ the hair, now though, there are lasers that will still work well with dark hair and dark skin.

Make sure to thoroughly check the credentials of anyone before signing up for the treatment. The skill of the technician is a very important factor in the overall success of the procedure. This is not the time to look for bargains, you want only the most experienced person working on your bikini area with a laser.

You must understand that not everyone gets the same results, as with most things, some people will get a better benefit while others are likely to be disappointed with the results. Your doctor should be able to give you a good idea as to what the likelihood of success will be prior to performing the procedure.

Before undergoing the laser treatments you must be willing to commit not only financially but also in terms of time to the whole process. In order to get the benefit you will have to undergo many treatments which will most likely need to be spread out over months. After all the treatments are completed you may still need to have some maintenance sessions periodically if you want to keep the area hair free.

Make sure that you also factor in any downtime you may have as a result of the procedure. You will likely have some swelling and redness after the treatment so you will want to schedule all of your appointments during times when you have no other commitments.

Even though it’s expensive and time consuming, bikini line laser hair removal is a great way to get as close to a permanent hair loss removal system as there is. Not having to worry about the constant trimming and irritation would be a wonderful gift for many women.

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