Body Hair Removal Men – Can Make You Sexy

I was recently thumbing through one of those celebrity gossip magazines in the checkout counter when I saw an article about body hair removal men. It was a fashion piece and it basically said that men are starting to understand that just as most of them prefer the women in their lives to not be hairy, women too, often prefer their men to lose some of the fur… especially on the back.

Many men like the way smooth smooth, hair free skin enhances the look of their muscles when they remove excess body hair, both from their chest and their backs. And for all you ladies out there who have a man with a hairy back, you know how disgusting it can be to have to rub sunscreen into that carpet!

So, guys, here are some ideas on the methods available for removing unwanted body hair:

1. Of course, virtually all men are familiar with shaving. Shaving doesn’t have to be restricted solely to the face however. Many men will shave their heads, chest and even get some help and shave their backs. As you know, after a day or so ( for some guys it can be within a few hours) the hair starts to grow back and you will get some unsightly stubble. If you choose shaving as the method to remove your unwanted hair, just remember that it will be high maintenance if you want to keep the hair at bay.

2. Waxing. This method works very well for the larger areas that you want to remove unwanted hair such as the chest and back (this works very well on the legs too, but unless you are a professional bodybuilder or Chippendale dancer, you probably don’t worry about excess hair on your legs). Wax will give you a fairly longterm result. Of course the length of time will vary from one person to the next, in general you shouldn’t have to wax again for several weeks.

Don’t let the movies fool you, waxing does sting but unless you’re a big baby it isn’t excruciating. Women have been doing it ( in some very sensitive areas, I might add) for years.

3. More permanent, and expensive, options are electrolysis and laser hair removal. With both of these options you will see some long term hair removal though totally ‘permanent’ is an unlikely result. Both of these forms of hair removal will require multiple treatments and they are quite expensive.

If you choose one of these methods be careful who you hire to perform the procedure. These processes are painful enough without getting someone who is inexperienced at the helm.

For all you guys out there who want to look your best or maybe just show off your muscles, body hair removal men can come in many forms, there are more options than just grabbing the razor. Whatever type you choose, just take a little time to read over all the directions (or talk to your doctor about all possible side effects) before you choose the method that is right for you.

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