Build Iguana Cage With Caution

Iguanas are unique creatures that make excellent pets. But in order to house one you have to have the right structure. Many people choose to build iguana cages, but if this is the intention, you have to know what to plan for.

The first consideration is to make sure that it is going to be large enough to house your pet. Some breeds of iguanas can reach 8 feet in length. This will have to be taken into consideration so that the animal does not become stressed from lack of space. Stress can actually kill some animals.

But the length of the cage is not only important- so is the height. These animals not only enjoy climbing but it is also a huge part of their existence. Give them ample places to climb including branches and preferably some ledges to sun on. Soaking up warmth is also an intricate part of their existence.

Many people use glass for the sides of their structure, but if you are working on a budget you can go with wire mesh. The best choice for this material is 16-gauge galvanized steel as this provides the necessary protection and will hold up the best. When designing the top it might be best to go with a wire grate that will support lamps without the fear that they will melt under the intense heat.

You want to take great care with the bottom of the cage. Never use wood as this will rot easily and retain moisture resulting in mold and mildew. The best choice for this is plastic or vinyl. These are easy to clean and will be easier to remove any spills from water bowls. You can also use a piece of sheet metal if it is stiff enough to support the weight.

Since heat is essential to the overall health of the animal make sure you monitor the temperature carefully. This could be turn out to be a little tricky so it might be best to talk to others who build iguana cages and get their take. Plus, its better to consult with someone so that you learn from their mistakes.

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