College Algebra Helps You with Future Math Concepts

Many people make the mistake of thinking that high school algebra courses cover the extent of the concepts that algebra has to offer. But in order to have a full grasp of algebra, you should take a college algebra course. In order to succeed in future math classes such as trigonometry and calculus, it is necessary to learn the things that are taught in college algebra. These include things that are taught in high school courses, as well as more difficult versions of them, along with concepts that are completely new to the course. If you want to know what to expect from a college algebra course, read on.

In high school algebra, you will notice that every problem is set up so that it magically has a real, whole number as the solution. When you move on to college algebra, you will quickly notice something vastly different with the way the problems work. You may solve one and somehow think you have the wrong answer just because it doesn’t divide neatly or end up being a whole integer. This requires you to double-check your answer, and not just assume that it’s right because it’s the only one that fits. Learn all the tricks that you can use to verify that your answer is correct.

College algebra also covers things that you never imagined exited when you were in the world of simple algebra. You will be introduced to more advanced equations with multiple variables, as well as equally more advanced techniques that you can use to figure out the answer. If you have a good instructor and a good textbook, these new concepts will build almost directly onto whatever you learned before, rather than thrusting them in your face as completely foreign.

While college algebra may sound intimidating, if you did at all well in regular algebra then you are almost sure to succeed. Just make sure that you always stay caught up with the class, and don’t fall behind on any concept. If you use a combination of instruction, tutoring, and other information, you will be able to get the multiple explanations that you need to fully wrap your mind around a certain chapter or a certain problem.

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