Instant Homeowner Insurance Quote Shopping Online Is Easy

The online insurance shoppers have some distinct advantages. They don’t need an appointment. They don’t need to be on the telephone. They just need to be prepared. If you are planning to shop online then you need to have some basic information at your disposal. The first time buyer needs to have some basic information. The best resource for that information would be an appraisal. The home appraisal has most of the information necessary to give you an adequate quote. The market value of the home along with the square footage are the two most important criteria used to determine the amount of insurance needed. The market value and age will dictate the type of policy to purchase. The renewal declarations page is a valuable source of information for the comparison shopper.

Actual Cash Value Actual cash value is one way the insurance companies settle losses. This method will calculate the actual replacement cost at the time of loss and subtract any depreciation because of age or use. You will generally see actual cash value policies written on older homes. Many of your older homes have a market value much less than the cost to rebuild. The older Victorian homes built in the early 1900’s are a good example.

Replacement Cost This method is used for newer homes or homes under construction. Replacement cost claim settlements use materials of like kind and quality when repairing or rebuilding the structure and there is no allowance for depreciation.

The correct square footage is very important because the online insurance calculators determine the actual cost to rebuild your home based on your square footage calculation. Air conditioning and fireplaces are upgrades that increase the replacement cost value of your home. Finished basements and outdoor decking also add to the calculation.

Discounts are given for smoke detectors, dead bolt locks and fire extinguisher. There are even larger discounts for burglar and fire alarms that transmit directly to the police station and fire department. Be prepared with this information and your online shopping will be so much easier. View our recommended insurers for more detailed information.

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