Living in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving

Whether you are in Las Vegas to stay or you’ve chosen to spend Thanksgiving Day while celebrating across the casinos that are available in the hotels and accommodations that you’ve made, there is plenty to do and have while in Las Vegas on Thanksgiving. Even though many people think that spending a major holiday at some place like Las Vegas would not only be frustrating but lonely, thousands of people do it every year and have lots of fun besides. Whatever your circumstance, though, if you need to be in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving there are always going to be places to stay. But the Thanksgiving meal is what many more people are concerned about, and if you are too then here are some suggestions for the turkey and dressing that you’ve always had on Thanksgiving:

Inside Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel – Al Penazzi

Turkey is not the food that’s left out in this meal, but many people consider this to be the best of the best when it comes to the Thanksgiving Dinner that they’ve always dreamed of in Las Vegas. But not only is Al Penazzi’s Thanksgiving Dinner expensive at around $35 per dinner per each individual, the food that comes along with it is well worth the price. For starters, the oven-roasted turkey that’s brushed with their sweet and succulent recipe is something to be desired. Along with the sweet turkey experience, though, sweet potatoes are offered, along with the chance to indulge yourself with sweet cream, gingerbread cake, as well as fabulous soup. This meal is not just expensive because of the amount of food that you’ll get, though; the luxury of the food itself is much to be desired.

Caesar’s Palace

What’s the big deal about staying in Las Vegas if new experiences at famous hotels are not going to be had. Nevertheless, at Caesar’s Palace the Mesa Grill is the restaurant to go to and the Thanksgiving Day meal is just as expensive here as it is at Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel. Nevertheless, though, the meal is totally different and there is a whole new set of tastes to go along with Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. For example, the roasted pumpkin soup should get you into that holiday and Thanksgiving Day spirit, but there’s always the opportunity to fill your plate with fried pork as well as roasted Granny Smith apples.

These are just some of the very important places to spend your Thanksgiving Day in Las Vegas, though. A couple of the more interesting hotels that will allow you the experience and meal of a lifetime include the Sourdough Cafe that’s located in Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, as well as the El Dorado Casino that offers a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal with turkey and all the trimmings, as well as the Carmel Room in the Marriott Hotel.

All things considered, it’s important to have some of the same food that you would normally eat on the Thanksgiving holiday, but this time you can do it in style while visiting Las Vegas and many of the other things that go along with it!

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