Real Beauty Is Being Yourself

Compared with men, women are more conscious about their physical appearance. They tend to spend money, time, and effort to look good. From facials to diamond peels, to major plastic surgery and liposuction, these women would stop at nothing just to improve their beauty. It should not be a surprise why women are so conscious about physical beauty. Everyday, women are battered by advertisements and media messages about the virtues of physical perfection.

Nowadays, women think that being slim would be nice, adding up the spotless smooth skin and shiny hair. If one looks around, there are a lot of diet programs that can help in staying thin, or simply not getting fat. Diet programs such as the Atkin’s diet, Mediterranean diet, and the glycemic impact diet offers simple solutions to women with weight problems. However, women are prone to seeing exaggeration in certain cases. For example, they tend to skip meals and just eat crackers and water for their daily food consumption. This is fairly dangerous to the woman’s health since there are a lot of different vitamins and essential nutrients that are not included in a pack of crackers.

The problem with women today is that they see being thin as beautiful. This basic idea is just formed by our own society, for reasons we really do not need to know. A lot of women, especially young women, are now developing eating disorders like bulimia, thinking that extremely thin is better than being fat. These eating disorders can destroy a woman’s health little by little, making them weak. Vomiting right after eating, or not eating at all, and the so called “water therapy” are just some of the causes of having these eating disorders.

Television shows such as Oprah and Tyra Banks Show feature guests that provide guidance, help, and counseling to women with eating disorders. This is a good idea, since media has a huge impact on people, especially on women. But unfortunately, some women just do not speak about their own health. They just continue being bulimic, throwing up, and making sure not to get fat. In this case, family members can see and observe certain symptoms that can give them the idea that their loved one may be suffering from such a disorder.

The best way to prevent eating disorders from ruining a loved one’s life is to simply help them get professional help. Persons with the eating disorders should get proper counseling so that they can be professionally advised about the dangerous health risks in having abnormal eating habits. A woman’s health is very important to maintain especially if they want to have a family and bear children. Such eating disorders can really ruin a woman’s health and being able to communicate during counseling sessions would help women overcome their psychological problems. A woman need not be thin to look good. Confidence and being true to oneself would be the key factors that makes a woman beautiful, both inside and out.

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