Rhinoplasty- Non-surgical nose job


Not permanent. Lasts from ten months to one year.

This is calcium in cellulose; therefore the body breaks it down.

Procedure takes 15 minutes.

The cost is $1000.

Non-surgical nose job is perfect for anyone who’s not sure if they want a permanent change.


This is the first permanent filler that was FDA approved almost 9 months ago.

It’s microscopic beads of plastic, same kind of collagen used to fill in wrinkles. The collagen is absorbed by the body, beads stay as scaffolding, skin cells grows around the beads and maintain the filling effect.

Procedure takes 15 minutes.

The cost is $2000.

Side Effects

Virtually none. Possible bruising or tenderness on the tip of the nose.


It’s good to do a touch-up about 3 weeks later. When you’re injecting you get swelling, and when the swelling comes down, you can see the actual result to get it perfect.


Most people are pretty good candidates.

Can fix an underdeveloped bridge which is prevalent in Asians; a bump can be camouflaged; a drooping tip can be lifted up so it’s straight; an assymetrical nose can be straightened; and can raise the bridge for African Americans.

non-surgical nose job can correct side effects such as bumps and assymetry resulting from traditional nose jobs that cost about $10,000.

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