Rosacea Skin Treatment – What Its All About

Some rosacea skin treatments can cause almost as much irritation as the condition, so it is very important to pick the right one. Rosacea can cause irritation of the skin, redness across the T-zone and under the eyes, and pustules and bumps that can make the person suffering with rosacea self-conscious about his or her appearance.

Rosacea has certain triggers that can lead to out breaks. Outbreaks are mostly caused by the sun, but some may be caused by stress, alcohol and caffeine consumption, lack of sleep, immune system problems and many more. Some rosacea is harder to cover up than others are, and can be painful or sensitive. In the case of covering it up, it might be more beneficial to try a natural make-up, like the mineral make-ups that do not contain harsh chemicals that will further irritate the skin.

One of the first natural cures for rosacea is increasing and improving blood circulation. Doing so will help the blood flow, nourishing the skin damaged by rosacea with oxygen and nutrients delivered by the blood. Light exercise may also be beneficial as a rosacea skin treatment. While too much exercise can actually cause another outbreak, light exercise can increase circulation without causing more of a problem.

Rosacea skin treatments can also be as simple as the right diet. This will help by preventing breakouts in the future. A low-protein diet with green leafy vegetables can help balance out the acidity level that helps aggravate the rosacea. Combining the vegetables with plenty of drinking water can help with the over-all well being of the body and help prevent future breakouts with rosacea.

Rosacea skin treatments can also include topical facial creams like the Green Tea Cream that was tested in a group study. This cream was found to decrease the amount of redness that comes with rosacea. It also smoothed the skin, reducing the amount of bumps and pustules. Applying the Green Tea Cream to the affected area twice a day will heal and rejuvenate the skin. Apply it every morning and night after that to keep it from reoccurring. It works better than most medications and does not dry out the skin like some facial washes.

Other studies that have been done for rosacea skin treatments that include Glycemic acid. Glycemic acid helps by killing the bacteria that causes rosacea. It is all natural so it will not harm your skin but it will help with the rosacea. This treatment should be used under the care of a physician, even though it is considered “natural”, to make sure you do not have any adverse reactions to it.

Dark chocolate is a great rosacea skin treatment, due to the strong anti-oxidant properties it provides. A person can apply the dark chocolate to the face like a mask and benefit from the antioxidants it can deliver. Dark chocolate can help smooth irritated skin and ease other symptoms.

With natural rosacea skin treatments, a person can find help for his or her condition apart from harsh prescription medicines with side effects and high prices. Natural rosacea skin treatments can actually help the rosacea and contribute to the persons over-all health.

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