Simple Techniques to Get around Agonizing Rheumatism

Simply put, rheumatism is swelling. It is characterized by swelling and pain found on the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. The term is used for a variety of related ailments in the past. Yet recently, rheumatism was subdivided into several conditions, which gave rise to more specific ailments.

The most common symptoms of the onset of rheumatism are sudden fever, intense soreness, pain and stiffness of the muscles and the affected body components.

For acute muscular rheumatism, the affected area experiences elevated sensitivity that even the lightest of the bed covers may cause excruciating pain. Rheumatism usually starts acutely which means that the onset is rapid and may go quickly as well. However, with a wrong mode of treatment, rheumatism and its effects may aggravate and will most likely develop into chronic rheumatism.

Rheumatic pain is often tormenting but may also advance to a delibitating state. So it is important to give initial relief before any symptoms develop. Provided below are some of the prevalently employed homeophatic techniques to heal rheumatism and to delay its development.

Treatment by means of Potato Juice

What more could be effective than using potato for preventing the onset and aggravation of rheumatism? For the juice, one or two teaspoons taken before every meal may be sufficient. This is helpful in relieving pain and in minimizing the toxic wastes in the body. The potato skin on the other hand, contains salt minerals that are typically used for rheumatism treatment. The minerals found in the potato peel may be extracted by means of boiling. This decoction can also be taken in the same manner.

Treatment by means of Bitter Gourd

It is by far, easier to extract the juice form the bitter gourd than with potato. A cup of this juice combined with a teaspoon of honey must be taken daily to treat rheumatism. To provide more effective relief, this treatment must be used over a period of three months.

Treatment By means of Celery

It is more convenient to extract the juice of the vegetable itself for treating rheumatism but the more effective way of doing it is by means of extracting the seeds. This has a tonic effect on the stomach and the kidneys. To achieve the desired relief from rheumatism, it is best to drink a hot liquid containing 5 to 10 drops of the seed extract. But you may also use powdered celery seeds as an alternative.

Treatment by means of Lemon Juice

For more efficient result, the sufferer will have to drink the juice of three lemons everyday.

Treatment by means of Walnuts

Walnuts must be thoroughly eaten to arrive to its beneficial effects. Half a dozen each day may be sufficient in treating rheumatism

Treatment by means of Rhubarb

Remedy using this herb seldom fails and may prove very beneficial for the sufferer. The stalk of rhubarb must be pounded along with an equal amount of sugar. One teaspoon of this solution must be taken daily.

These well recognized home remedies for rheumatism have been passed down from ages to ages. Though many will dispute their effectivity over the ailment, the proponents of these remedies will say otherwise. Whatever the conflict between modern medicine and homeophatic treatment there may be, the fact still remains to be that people recognized the capacity of these methods to heal. And so they are still in existence up to this date.

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