Stem Cell Bill U.S. Senate approves a bill for funding

The United States Senate approved a bill to increase funding for embryonic stem-cell research. They were four votes short of the number needed to avoid a presidential veto. The bill passed with sixty three positive votes. President Bush stated he would veto the measure. This would be his first veto since he took office.

Polls indicate that as much as seventy percent of the public support embryonic stem-cell research. The demand, which is surging forward, has crossed all lines ethic, racial and geographic.

Interestingly the Senate passed this bill by failed to pass a bill that encouraged stem-cell research from sources other than actual embryos. This bill passed in the Senate and failed in the House of Representatives. There will be another try to pass the bill this week.

On the same subject, both the Senate and House passed a bill which bans ‘fetal-farming’. This is the actual raising and aborting of fetuses for scientific research reasons. Former President Reagan suffered and died from Alzheimer’s disease. Mrs. Reagan made calls to a few senators to raise support for the bill to prevent a possible veto.

The research in this area brings up so many ethical questions. Society has not reached a consensus on this subject. Social change comes about slowly in our culture. Many people make their decision based on moral, ethical and religious reasons. Stem cell research has the future potential to correct or replace damaged cells in the human body; thereby extending and improving life.

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