The New Constant

There used to be a famous saying about the only things constant in this world are death and taxes. Maybe, that idea became well-known during the time when work and academic demands were still relatively uncomplicated. At present, however, another factor can be added to the initial list of constant things and that is stress. Anywhere in the world at any point in time, millions of people experience having a lot of stress. This feeling of inadequate capacity relative to the huge amount of demand usually results from activities related to work or academics. Some people experience this condition for just a short period of time while others are frequently bothered about it.

The more frequent a person experiences being stressed, the more he or she is prone to having psychosomatic illnesses and long-term health diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Chronic stress can also lead to more debilitating psychological problems such as anxiety disorders and depression. This is the main reason why there is a current proliferation of medications that are said to provide stress relief. Though the more widely advertised stress relief product on television is Stress Tabs, it is said that the more commonly used medication to relieve stress is actually a supplement called Cortitrol. It contains an appropriate amount of theanin extract that can effectively alter the stress level of a person. Theanin is an amino acid usually obtained from tea which can pass through the blood-brain barrier and result to psychoactive reactions of relaxation and reduced mental and physical stress.

The best feature of Cortitrol as a stress relief medicine is its being made of natural substances or the use of mostly organic or natural components. Because of this, little or no side effects can be expected from the intake of this supplement. This does not, however, limit or decrease the effectiveness of Cortitrol. It can still cause the same or better results compared to other stress relieving medications without the threatening, possible risks. Thus, this supplement has gained popularity among people who are usually lacking sleep such as call center agents and those that frequently undergo exercise. Lack of sleep and exercising are known to cause a rapid increase of cortisol level in a person’s system which is why they are the ones most prone to having stress.

A person free from the feelings of stressfulness are usually the ones that function well in their tasks or activities. They are also the individuals who have good relationships with their partners or families. Stress itself cannot be avoided with all the surrounding stressors. It is then an option or choice that can only be decided upon by the person himself or herself. They can either choose to easily get stressed or not to be so much affected by it. Furthermore, they can also choose to either take additional supplement or medication to aid them in eliminating or reducing stress and it’s causes. Finally, the person has a remaining choice to either continue being bothered by the surrounding and persisting stressors or learn to deal with it through having a positive outlook toward the future.

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