The Quest For The Fountain Of Youth

Aging is inevitable. But it seems age is always an issue most especially to women who would go to such length as exhausting all means to hide or delay the proof of age. Some people are gifted with firm, supple and naturally blushed skin that they can convincingly lie about their real age with less effort. However, some people are not as lucky and may suffer from dry skin, crow’s feet and wrinkles that add more years to their appearance and look older than their actual age.

The cosmetics industry is a multi-billion dollar business thanks to the men and women around the world who are continuously searching for the fountain of youth. And since the aging process is unavoidable, skin care treatments and anti-aging products will continue to sell like hot cakes.

The Aging Process

For both men and women, the aging process transforms the skin in relation with hormonal activity, environment as well as one’s personal hygiene and skin care habits. When people reach the age of puberty, hormonal changes occur as the body quickly and excessively produces testosterone which results to acne breakouts. Stress, certain diets and medications can also trigger hormonal disturbance which may cause skin irritations. Sun exposure, wind and climate may cause sun burn, dryness, even skin cancer. And poor hygiene will definitely encourage bacterial skin infection which could lead to more serious conditions.

Skin care treatments can help prevent visible signs of aging, if not totally retaining the supple, toned and youthful skin texture. Men are just as prone to skin ailments and premature aging as women. And regardless of gender, there is so much more to skin care treatments than just a desire to look youthful.

Skin Care Solutions

Healthy skin begins from the inside and is projected outside. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can hold-off premature skin aging. A well-balanced diet filled with natural vitamins and minerals will promote healthy skin for a lifetime. Keep your body and your skin hydrated by avoiding smoking and drinking a lot of water or fruit juices. Doing some exercise can relieve stress, thus, helps fight aging.

Cleansing with cool water and mild skin cleanser product twice daily can keep the pores clear of dirt and oil, allowing the skin to breathe. It can also minimize the appearance of unsightly blemishes. Be sure that your skin cleanser matches your skin type. For oily skin, use oil-free products. For sensitive skin, use hypoallergenic cleanser. Never use deodorant soap on your face as it may dry your skin out and cause it to become irritated.

Applying moisturizers on your face twice daily can also help hydrate the skin. People in their forties should consider using an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle night cream to help preserve or restore smoothness and texture of the skin. It is important that men should use moisturizer particularly after shaving. Lubricating ther skin will help stave off wrinkles and discoloration. Aftershave should only be applied to the neck as it may irritate or burn the face, particularly if it contains alcohol. Body lotion, on the other hand, is advised for people of all ages.

Sun protection is vital to prevent damage to your skin. No matter how young or old a person is, too much sun exposure may result in sunburn due to the UV rays emitted by the sun. Wearing sunblock or moisturizer of at least SPF 15 can reduce chances of developing wrinkles and age spots. The sun’s radiation is at it’s peak from 10 AM 4 PM even during cloudy weather.

Spa Treatments

Nowadays, it is much easier to take care of one’s skin than in the past due to the availability of new and improved skin care solutions and products out in the market as well as the proliferation of spa clinics everywhere you go. Media hype helps in conditioning the mind set about skin pampering outside of your homes. These spa treatments cater not only for women but even to men as well. It should not make the male population feel less of a man by indulging in a massage or facial treatment after work. Most men are very much into the trend nowadays more than you might think. There are treatments created with men in mind that will guarantee a refreshed, rejuvenated and healthy feeling afterward.

Natural Skin Care

More often than not, we can find remedies to most skin care problems from nature itself. As the clich goes…”the world’s largest forests act as Mother Nature’s pharmacies”. They contain all the important skin care solutions we need to ward off disease, cure minor ailments and nourish our skin and bodies.

Healthy Lifestyle

Caring for your whole body is the most effective way to achieve healthy skin. Relax and find ways to unwind at the end of each day to eliminate stress from your life. It is important to exercise regularly and make sure to eat a well-balanced diet. Avoid smoking and cut down on fatty foods, alcohol, caffeine. These simple guidelines can help you achieve healthy skin as well as your whole well-being for years to come.

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