What The Heck Is The Goof Troupe?

Simply put, the Goof Troupe is an organization that teaches people to lose weight and improve their health while still enjoying the “finer” things in life. You know, like pasta, red meat, dessert, frappuccinos, alcohol, etc.

You see, the single biggest problem with most weight loss or health improvement programs is that they are NO FUN! They require you to live by some very strict code of “do this, don’t do that”. If you happen to step outside the boundaries of the program, your progress and your state of mind take a painful hit, and you end up right back at square one. Does that sound familiar?

The miraculous method by which Goof Troupe members are able to still enjoy the “taboo” items like those listed above is due to 4 things:

1) Structure

2) Support

3) A reasonable amount of physical activity.

4) Proper portion control, nutrient intake, and vitamin/mineral intake.

I know, I know it sounds too easy, right? Well, it is both easy as well as effective, and you can start taking advantage of this program right now!

People who get a reasonable amount of activity, control their portion sizes, and get the appropriate intake of vitamins and minerals are healthy, they don’t carry around a bunch of excess bodyfat, and they can jump “off the wagon” on a regular basis because they do the right thing the rest of the time.

Also, no one wants to be healthy by themselves. Even the most confident and self-motivated people still have the basic human need for positive reinforcement, and a helping hand to keep them on the path to success.

Having structure in a health program is just as important as having support. If you had 100 people who were willing to bend over backwards to support the needs of the other group members, but those 100 people didn’t have a clue what they were doing, then that group would be on the fast track to failure wouldn’t they?

In getting back to the question of ‘What is the Goof Troupe’, we answer with this:

The Goof Troupe is a social group whose members work together to be healthy most of the time, so they can enjoy being UNHEALTHY the rest of the time!

A Goof Troupe can contain any number of people, but a typical social group will include at least 3 or 4 people, and as many as 10 or more. The group meets once each week so that all members can take advantage of the group support, tips, and instruction, and those meetings are typically followed up by going out and having fun!

All Goof Troupe members utilize the same basic concepts of portion control, healthy eating, and physical activity as outlined in the Goof Troupe lifestyle improvement system, the Tahiti Trim Plan 40 program. The TTP40 program ensures that all members are not only eating the proper portion sizes, but eating often enough as well. 9 out of 10 people who are overweight actually do not eat ENOUGH.

The TTP40 program also contains all of the vitamin/mineral supplements that are needed by all people, and it outlines a program of physical activity that ensures that all Goof Troupe members are using more calories than they are taking in. That equates to weight loss, by the way!

In addition to the weekly meetings, most Goof Troupe members will see each other much more often than that. The Goof Troupes are as much social clubs as they are a lifestyle management program, and members are encouraged to engage in support, social, and health-related activities as often as they like.

The Goof Troupe concept is a starting point a “guideline” for you ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ fans! The Tahiti Trim Plan 40 program and the Goof Troupe weekly meetings provide the structure, support, and information that allow all members to lose weight, be healthy, and most importantly to have FUN!

In addition, the Goof Troupe founders are able to get all Goof Troupe members and leaders a discounted price on the Tahiti Trim Plan 40 products, which means that the program is less expensive than ANY comparable program on the market. Also, people who start Goof Troupes in their areas can get their own products for free, or even make some Fun Money that they can use to enjoy their new found level of health or weight loss!

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