How AIDS Is Transmitted

Simply put, AIDS is transmitted by the exchange of fluids in the body, including sexual fluids such as sperm. Knowing this, it seems as if anyone could be in a situation where they could protect themselves from it. Well, people sometimes make poor decisions. Either that or they are simply uneducated about how AIDS is … Read more

HIV Tests

HIV tests are an important part of being sexually active, especially if you’ve had multiple partners. It is good etiquette to get tested often out of respect for your potential partners. HIV tests are important because the sooner you catch the virus, the easier it is to go through a serious of treatments that will … Read more

AIDS Prevention

Learning about AIDS prevention is an important part of understanding the disease. AIDS is a serious and widespread problem. What used to be isolated to one part of the world and to a certain group of people is now a global concern. What this means is that people need to be careful when they are … Read more

AIDS in Africa

AIDS in Africa is a huge problem. Not only do a lot of people have, a lot of children are also born with it. People are relatively uneducated about how it is transmitted and now that people have AIDS, there are unsure of what to do about it. As a result of this, AIDS in … Read more


AIDS is a disorder that comes about due to the HIV virus. There are a lot of people who have AIDS, some of which are children who were born with it. This is definitely a widespread, worldwide problem, especially in underdeveloped countries. The worldwide AIDS epidemic is alarming but there is research going on for … Read more