What is Psychiatric Nursing?

Psychiatric nursing can be broken down in to two classifications as determined by difficulty and /or level of attention required: basic and advanced. Basic psychiatric nursing includes working with families, individuals, communities, groups and assessing mental health needs from development of a nursing diagnosis and plan for nursing care to implantation of the plan and … Read more

Choosing A Nursing School

I’ve been applying to nursing school recently. I’ve put applications in to several programs and am just waiting to hear back from them with their response. I don’t really know what field I’m ultimately interested in, I just know that I want to go to nursing school. I figure that if I have a particular … Read more

Modern Nursing Care

Modern nursing care is just as huge range of care taking as it always has been, if not more. Nurses are eclectic healers in that they attend to so many and various aspects of patient health, from record keeping and medication administration to temperature tracking , recording of measurements, and daily diet. All of these … Read more

California Nursing Board

The mission of the California nursing board is to protect the health and safety of consumers and promote quality registered nursing in the State of California. To accomplish this, they have established and upheld competency standards. They have provided guidance and interpretation. They have also prevented patient harm and intervened with discipline and rehabilitation. The … Read more

Florence Nightingale Founder Of Nursing

Before modern times, nuns and the military often provided nursing services. Evidence of the religious and military roots of modern nursing remain today. In Britain, senior female nurses are still known as “Sisters”. In recent times, the United States and Canada still have many nurses flowing back into working in religious fields through “Parish Nursing”. … Read more