Buying Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are often sought by those wishing to have custom settings created. Rather than wait for the jeweler to locate the perfect diamond for your custom ring or other jewelry piece, many people strike out on their own in search of the perfect loose diamond source. If you perform a search of the internet … Read more

The Natural History Of Diamonds

As many people know, diamonds are formed primarily by intensive pressure. Over along period of time materials including carbon that are exposed to high temperatures and pressure for a prolonged period of time eventually become new and different compounds altogether. The formation of diamonds is possible on Earth because it has areas that have high … Read more

Buying Diamond Earrings Online

Buying diamond earrings online may sound like a risk, but I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. Instead of sorting through the various wholesale sellers, retail stores and bargain shops on the internet, I go straight to eBay. That’s right, I’ve bought a few different pairs of diamond earrings on eBay and have enjoyed every minute … Read more