Why startup venture capital applications fail?

Today, one of the options of people for viable sources of income is through business. This is because they feel that if they would have their own businesses to attend to, they don’t have to work for the rest of their lives anymore. It is for this reason that there’s an increasing number of startup … Read more

What is a start up venture capital?

These days, having your own business is really the way to go. But to those who don’t have the machinery-the financial means and the contacts, a lot is needed especially when they are planning to avail of a startup venture capital. As defined, venture capital or “VC”-others also call it “venture”-is a kind of private … Read more

Venture On How Startup Capital Works

When a business is starting, unless you are among those endowed with financial riches, then startup capital would not be a problem for you. There are banks or angel investors that would invest on your business. Ever wondered how banks and venture capital firms benefit from startup capital and how it exactly works? Let’s try … Read more