Vacation Planning: Preparing Your Indian Vacation

An American survey done in 2006 showed that about 36 percent of Americans do not have any plans of spending their pad vacation time. But there are studies showing that having a vacation could actually make workers more productive. If you are one of that 36 percent and would like to experience an international vacation … Read more

Regional Dishes You Can Try On Your Indian Vacation

Elusive to define, Indian food is consists of many regionally diverse dishes – all with their own way of cooking and ingredients. Indian food’s sheer diversity promises your Indian vacation (India) deliciously rewarding. Pat Chapman, author of the book India: Food and Cooking describes India States and culinary regions: 1. Kashmir’s extreme palate – Kashmiri … Read more

Outdoor Activities For Your Indian Vacation (India)

Life is one big adventure and India is a perfect playground for fans of action and adrenalin suggests the book India by Joe Bindloss, Sarina Singh, James Bainbridge, Lindsay Brown, Mark Elliot and Stuart Butler. The opportunities for wild adventure for your Indian Vacation (India) ranges from trekking, rafting, paragliding, mountaineering, jungle safaris, scuba diving, … Read more