Soft Throws

Throws offer a great deal of comfort for people and can help them to keep their heating costs down too. When you are going to buy a rug, what is the best one to buy? Do you want something that is uncomfortable to walk on with your bare feet, or do you want something that … Read more

Knit Afghans

Knit afghans are among the most prized of Afghans. They have the time and perseverance of the person that made them stitched into the very fibers that make up the rug. It can take one person many years to produce a single rug. This can cause the price of the rug to go from two-three … Read more

Fur Throws

Fur throw rugs are among the softest rugs there is. The most common seen on television is the fur of a bear. The rug has the size to be a rug and also has the texture to be soft to the bare feet and comfortable to lie on. Unique in their own way, fur rugs … Read more

Afghans & Throws

Afghan and throw rugs are among the most common used in America. Afghans were first formed in Afghanistan, where they got their name, and some are made with a lot of holes in them. The common fact about Afghans is that they are made of yarn and that they are hand-stitched. The most common pattern … Read more