Verizon Ringtones Online

So you want some new ringtones for your Verizon cell phone? You can find all kinds of Verizon ringtones at the Verizon site found at or by accessing additional ringtones using your phone itself. The second option may be better for you if you have not set up an account on the Verizon website. … Read more

Polyphonic Ringtones: A Brief History

The history of the cell phone ringtone explosion all stared with the now famous (or infamous, depending on the observer) Nokia ringtone which is a thirteen note rendition of the 19th century Spanish musician, Francisco Tarrega’s ‘Gran Vals’. The very first ringtones, of course, were monophonic meaning that only one note at a time is … Read more

Nextel Ringtones: Some History

Nextel has been and continues to be the leader when it comes to breakthroughs in ring tone technology and services related to cell phone extras. In keeping with this reputation, Nextel ringtones are quite varied in terms of what all is available on their site or directly through your Nextel cell phone. Did you know … Read more

Finding MP3 Ringtones

MP3 Ringtones are great because even though they lack that retro je ne sais quoi, well, you can actually tell what song they’re supposed to be. Then again, what’s so great about removing the fun of guessing which song the muzak-like ringtone symbolizes? I for one sort of enjoy that guessing game. Now it’s a … Read more

The Best Ringtones Are Free Ringtones

Just ‘how free’ are free ringtones? Well, it really depends on your definition of the word ‘free’. For most people it means ‘no charge’ and there are few exceptions to the definition. However, there are so many ‘free ringtones’ websites out there that just plain are not free, yet no one seems to be doing … Read more

Download Ringtones: Don’t Get Burned

Before you go online to find that latest song in ringtone format, you may want to think twice. Listen to how many people are getting stuck with recurring charges on the cell phone bills once they visit one of the popular cell phone ringtone sites. It really is a much better idea to first check … Read more

The Interest In Cingular Ringtones

There are many features and benefits to owning and utilizing a Cingular cell phone, as well as having a fairly good plan to help allow you do yourself a service without having to deal with any particular problems with billing that you cannot solve through speaking with a proper representative, and some of the bonuses … Read more