Is Manic Depression / Bipolar Disorder What Becomes of Mistreated Depression?

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric diagnostic classification of so-called ‘mood disorders’ where a person experiences depression and/or a manic state, hypomania or a mixture of these states, whereas ‘major depression’ or ‘unipolar disoder’ is a single short or long bout of depression without the countering manic attributes. In my humble opinion depression is just a … Read more

Alternative Medicine for Depression Treatment

The most popular and sought after depression treatment can be broken into three main types: prescription medications, natural and so-called ‘alternative’ medicine, as well as cognitive behavior therapy type programs. Typically one or more of these different types of depression treatment are utilized to help find relief for depression symptoms and causes. Many people are … Read more

Treating Depression Symptoms with Respect

Have you been feeling particularly down in the dumps for such an uncharacteristically long amount of time that you’ve considered taking anti-depressant drugs? Uncomfortable symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that something isn’t right physically, uncomfortable emotions (as well as physical ones) are the psyche’s way of trying to tell us what we’re … Read more

Better Understanding Clinical Depression

Sadness is a difficult thing to define when it comes to perhaps relating the term to others you might know, and especially the factor of defining what the cause and effective cure for depression might be, clinical depression can be a problematic issue when coming to understand yourself or others along with any symptoms that … Read more