Call center and answering services for the medical & home health care industry

When someone you love is severely unwell, you face one of the most difficult and delicate situations in life. You would love to be beside them to take care and make them feel secure and safe, but at the same time, you can’t let your work routine come to a standstill, as that can cause … Read more

Calculating Your Body Mass Index; Is Your Health At Risk?

Physical health can be measured (with certain exceptions) through the appropriateness of a person’s weight to his height; where the body weight refers to the measure of one’s heaviness and the height is the measure of his tallness. For instance, a woman measuring 5 ft high (1.52 m), with a medium body frame should weigh … Read more

Caffeine Addiction And Chronic Fatigue Recovery

In spite of being a constituent in products commonly used for energy, caffeine over-stimulates the adrenal glands, which only causes the illusion of an increase in energy due to increasing the hormone adrenaline. Over time, excessive use of caffeinated substances will cause an adrenal addiction and the glands will produce less adrenaline naturally until they … Read more

Caffeine: the culprit behind our migraines

Agnes, a 39 year old married woman have come to see a doctor and complained about recurring headaches and migraines. A thorough examination revealed that there wasn’t any obvious cause and her doctor thinks Agnes headaches are more of psychological in origin. On further investigation, Agnes told her doctor that she was taking a lot … Read more

Buzzing Sound Ear Disturbances

A lot of people suffer from buzzing sound ear disturbances which are caused by a condition called tinnitus. If you have this condition, you may have already realized that the sounds you hear are not limited to buzzing. They also include ringing, beeping, and humming, among others. Unfortunately, most medical professionals agree that there is … Read more