Toads belong to an order of amphibians called Anura, an order which also includes frogs. The name “toad” is a non-scientific name for frogs that have dry, rough skin (rather than the frog’s smooth, moist skin) and have shorter hind legs when compared to frogs. Toads are also more fat and squat than frogs. Both … Read more


Frogs are amphibious creatures that do not have a tail. They have long legs and hop from place to place. Tadpoles, which are what frogs are after they are first born, do have tails. As they get older the tail falls off and they switch from living in the water to living on the land. … Read more


Amphibians are in the class of vertebrates called “Amphibia”, which includes frogs, toads, salamanders, newts and caecilians. The characterization of amphibians (verses other vertebrates) is that amphibian eggs and larvae live primarily in water and amphibian adults live primarily on land. (There are a few species of amphibians, however, that do not match this characterization … Read more