Refurbished Plasma TV Sales

My son and I sell refurbished plasma TV sets. We have a lot of refurbished plasma TV sets on sale right now. We have a widescreen Toshiba 42 inch refurbished plasma TV. This is a plasma HDTV that lists for seven thousand dollars, on sale for $1888.99. Its coolest feature is that it has a … Read more

Plasma Vs LCD TV Screen Aspects

When it comes to plasma vs LCD TV screen size, plasma TVs has the advantage. Plasma TVs are the current size champion, but the developing technology of LCD TVs is catching up. Plasma TVs have screen sizes that range from 32 to 63 inches. Panasonic does make a plasma TV that is 103 inches, but … Read more

Shopping For Plasma TV Stands

Plasma TV stands are made from a lot of different materials and are made for a lot of different decorating styles. I have been looking for plasma TV stands for several friends and I am impressed by the great selection that there is available. I currently have three sets of friends looking for plasma TV … Read more

Understanding Plasma Television Sizes Better

A plasma display screen is measured most commonly diagonally across the screen, much like other television screens and monitors, but plasma screens begin at thirty-two inches in size usually. Most screens smaller than thirty-seven inches use LCD panel technology, with anything larger than sixty-three inches being typically rear-projection televisions, but your first decision should be … Read more

On The Invention Of Plasma Television

All did not begin as may seem to have ended up when the plasma display was first invented back in 1964 at the University of Illinois, the prototype combined large size and superb resolution that make today’s high-definition television possible with the addition of space-saving through the thinness of the screen, and it can even … Read more

Awaiting Arrival Of Plasma HDTV

I am really looking forward to my new plasma HDTV. I don’t know which aspect I am most excited about. I have ordered a wall mountable plasma HDTV and I am a little worried about the shipping and installation. These kinds of televisions are very fragile and it is difficult to ship and to install … Read more