Safety Audits

Safety audits are audits that are performed to make sure that safety standards are being followed. There are different ways people are concerned with safety. Sometimes it is a physical thing. Car safety, safety at an amusement park, safety in a school. Other times safety can apply to things that are online such as protection … Read more

Quality Audits

An audit is something that is done to check up on something else. When most of us hear the word “audit” we usually think in terms of taxes or finances. But, if there is a series of tasks that need to be performed, those tasks could be subject to an audit. The audit is in … Read more

IRS Audits

When people think of audits, perhaps the most common assumption is that people are referring to IRS audits. The truth is, IRS audits are only one kind of audit that can occur. A lot of people fear getting an audit from the IRS. But, if you keep track of your taxes properly then you shouldn’t … Read more

Energy Audits

Energy audits are an essential thing to go through to make sure that your home or business is using energy efficiently. There is evidence on the news each day that out resources are being wasted and that fuel is not going to last forever. Not only is it important to try to use alternative fuel … Read more


To those who need to get audits, they can feel stressful. An audit is simply a way for a regulating body to check things over to make sure that you are following protocol. A lot of people think that the term “audits” only refers to the IRS. But, this is simply not true. Usually, when … Read more