The Difference Between Down and Out

As turnaround investors, I prefer to invest in companies that are down but not out. This is important because a lot of times, investors misunderstood the two. Often times, these two types of companies are trading near or at their 52 week low. But the similarity ends there. Company that is Down. This is the … Read more

The China Factor

Unless you have been in a cocoon, you most likely are aware that China will in all probability become the next economic superpower in the world. The country’s economy is on steroids, growing at close to double digits over the past few years and this is not expected to change. And if you understand the … Read more

The Case for Value Stock Investing… What If?

Wall Street Institutions pay billions of dollars annually to convince the investing public that their Economists, Investment Managers, and Analysts can predict future price movements in specific company shares and trends in the overall Stock Market. Such predictions (often presented as “Wethinkisms” or Model Asset Allocation adjustments) make self-deprecating investors everywhere scurry about transacting with … Read more

The advantages of day trading

Historically, stock trading has been the domain of professional traders. Trading has been in essence a “private club” with restricted access. Day trading has changed that. For the first time, amateur traders have the tools (real time quotes and order execution) to compete with the professionals. Speed advantage of day trading The key advantage of … Read more

Stocks to Buy for Bear Markets

When stocks are bullish that is, when prices of the stock market in a steady rise it is pretty easy for anyone to make money on Wall Street. Studies have any shown that in certain kinds of easy-money markets, novices did just as well as pros when it came to picking hot stocks and reaping … Read more