Human Anatomy

The study of human anatomy is said to be the most important portion of anatomy you can research and observe. There are many approaches to human anatomy. The medical field views human anatomy as the study of the human body. Most medical professionals specialize in an area of human anatomy because the entirety of the … Read more

Heart Anatomy

The heart works with the blood vessels and the respiratory system to transfer blood and oxygen throughout the body. The human heart works from the moment you are born until you take your last breath. It is a hard working tool that continues to work hard under pressure. What is it that allows our heart … Read more

Eye Anatomy

The ability our eyes have to focus on things close to us as well as those far away is fascinating. The study of eye anatomy details how our eyes work. This information is also helpful in identifying problems with a person’s eyes and methods for correcting the situation. How well an individual is able to … Read more

Brain Anatomy

The brain is a fascinating and complex unit of our body. The brain is responsible for so many things. It stores our short term and long term memories. The ability to learn is from our brain as well. Our emotions and triggers are stored in our brain. The brain is a source of information on … Read more


Anatomy is a type of biology that deals with the structure and design of a living organism. There are two main types of anatomy. Animal anatomy is called Zootomy and plant anatomy is called Phytotomy. To make the study of anatomy easier, it is often broken up by region or by system. This means you … Read more