Performance Bicycles: What Is Performance?

In order to talk about performance bicycles, we should define the term. We all know what bicycle means, but what about performance? I think that many people tend to define the word performance as the ability to offer top performance, meaning top speeds, top maneuverability, top smooth mechanical functioning. While all of those minor definitions … Read more

Shopping For New Bicycle Accessories

My son got a new bike for Christmas. He also received gifts of money from various relatives for purchasing bicycle accessories. He totaled up his money and we visited a website together to choose which bicycle accessories that he wanted. My son told me before we even got to the website that he had also … Read more

The Best Kinds of Bicycle Shops

I love bikes. Bicycles of every shape, color, type and size will draw me like a fly to honey, so it took me a few years to discover that I do have a preference for particular kinds of bicycle shops. So, you have your trendy, high volume bike shop, where you can find all the … Read more

Advice About Bicycle Insurance

I thought that I needed to insure my bicycle against theft. I’ve heard that bikes get stolen every day in my city and I want bicycle insurance to cover my investment. I am very careful about locking my bike up every time I get off of it. I use a really nice U-Lock and wear … Read more

My Bicycle Tour In Vermont

Several years ago, a friend took me on a bicycle tour in the Sonoma Valley. Ever since that trip, I have been hooked on the idea of active vacationing. I save money every year specifically earmarked for a bicycle tour. Last year, I chose to do my yearly excursion to Vermont. I found a company … Read more

My Love Of Bicycles

I have owned many different bicycles in my life. I decided in my early twenties that I could live just fine with just a few bicycles and without a car. I have different bicycles for different uses. I live in Houston and use the Houston streets for my transportation. I regularly use one of my … Read more

Folding Bicycles

The folder or folding bicycle is a kind of bike that has several joints and / or hinges that can be unlocked in order to fold the bike into a compact size and shape. The folding typically involves the main frame of the bicycle, thought there have been some folding bicycles where only lesser portions … Read more

I Love Exercise Bicycles

I love exercise bicycles. I have been using one every day for the last ten years. I currently have four exercise bicycles in my house and use the three that work all the time. I have found that the best time of day for me to exercise is when I first get up in the … Read more

Used Bicycles: Sustainability Anyone?

So you’re thinking about finding a used bicycles shop? Way to go. Buying a used bike will save you money, keep the environment cleaner, as well as encourage the recycling process in general, which leads to more people being able to helps themselves and their environment. Used bicycles are a win / win proposition. I’ve … Read more

Recumbent Bicycles: Faster And More Relaxing

Many bike speed records have been broken by recumbent bikes. Recumbent bicycles were banned from international racing in the year 1934 and they haven’t seen widespread use until during the 20th century. Recumbent bikers hold many world speed records for human powered, unpaced types of races. Interestingly, tricycles actually fall into the recumbent bike category … Read more