The World Almanac and Book of Facts

The World Almanac and Book of Facts has been published annually ever since 1886. IT is a very interesting book to read, as it tries to assimilate the most useful information in the world into one book. The information is related to any topic, and in the most recent edition it fills up more than … Read more

Using a Farmer’s Almanac

Farmer’s almanacs have existed for quite some time. They are meant to be a guide for farmers, telling them the weather over the entire year, as well as the astronomical positions. The astronomical positions are the main feature of almanacs, but they feature many other things including tips on when to plant crops and when … Read more

The Many Varieties of Almanacs

There are many different types of almanacs that are useful for many situations. Almanacs are compilations of data or facts related to a certain topic, such as farming, weather, or sports. While they may not be very interesting to read from front to back, they are great resources to have around in case you want … Read more