1 Year Anniversary Gifts Dont Have To Be Perfect

Completing the first year of marriage is quite a milestone and one that deserves attention. Choosing your first year anniversary gifts should take some consideration since they are your first ones.

Since the appropriate gift for the first year is paper there are many ways that you can go with this. Men like things that the can decorate an office or man cave with so possibly a print of their favorite sports team might be nice. You might even be able to locate a print of something special to them that is signed and numbered, to give it a little extra feature.

If your man loves reading then a book is an essential present. Even though in today’s technology many books are available on e-readers there is nothing as relaxing as a good book, especially if it is a classic or something that he is deeply interested in. If he is a magazine lover and has been putting off getting a subscription to a specific magazine this would be the perfect time to spring it on him. Then he can enjoy it all year until your next anniversary.

Women might be a little more challenging to pick for since their favorites usually lean more towards jewelry, clothing, etc. But that doesn’t mean that it is a hopeless case: just that it might take a little more thought to pick out the perfect present.

If your lady has expressed an interest in scrap booking then this is the right time to get her started. There is an enormous opportunity here to get quite a selection of items to get her started on this hobby. And it is something that can be added to later on.

Books will also work for women as you can get her a favorite from her childhood, a collectible or even the first of a series that she has been putting off starting to read.

Even though email has taken over our sense of correspondence there is nothing wrong with a tasteful stationary set. It could still be used for special occasions. Or if she likes the idea of cataloging her thoughts and life experiences, maybe a nice journal would work. You could even find one that it monogrammed or personalized in some other way.

Your one-year anniversary gifts don’t have to be expensive, nor do they have to be extravagant. It is simply a symbol of a year together on the road to many, many more.

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