5 Things to Know about the Makita LS1013

The Makita LS1013 is one of the most popular saws available on the market. There are plenty of craftsmen who add this Makita to their job sites because of the quality cuts that it can provide. Unfortunately, these people will often add this tool to their repertoire without doing their own research on the saw.

It is important for all to understand exactly why they have chosen one brand over another. It is not enough to know that a specific tool is popular; you need to make sure that you know the benefits of the tool that make the purchase worth it. You need to do research to make sure that you understand as much about the tool as possible. These five pieces of information will tell you exactly what you need to know about the LS1013.

The Angles

If you are going to purchase a miter saw, you are going to want to know exactly what you can do with it. This particular Makita allows you to cut at varying degrees. It allows you to cut 52 degrees to the right, and 47 degrees to the left. It features lock at 45 degrees, but also features locks at 15, 22-1/2, and 31.6. It locks at these angles for both left and right sides.


When you receive this Makita miter saw, you receive more than just the saw. You also receive the blade, wrench, a triangular rule, vertical vise, and 2 extension wings. The bench is not included with this saw, and must be purchased separately.

Horizontal Rail

If you are working without a miter saw bench, you need to make sure that you have a saw that is stable. This Makita features a horizontal rail, helping to give you the stability that you need to stay both accurate and safe with your cuts.


You should also look for the warranty offered with any product before you purchase. This particular Makita generally comes with a full 1 year warranty. You may be able to pick up a larger warranty through the company that sells you the saw.

Safety Features

It is important to understand the safety features that come with a saw before you make your purchase. The LS1013 features a safety button that, when pulled out, locks the saw in the off position.

Anyone running a successful job site and business will tell you why they have chosen each piece of equipment that they own. You need to make sure that you can explain the reasons that led you to purchase the Makita LS1013. The ability to justify your purchase will reinforce the fact that you have the best tool available for the job.

There is more to learn about the LS1013 than can be found in this article. While these five pieces of information will help you to better understand your tool, you need to take the time to research the tool inside and out. You cannot be sure that you have the right tool for the job until you can explain to yourself why it is the right tool for the job.

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