A European Honeymoon Made for Two

Ever wanted to travel to Europe? Well if you’re planning to marry the one you love, then you have the perfect excuse to fulfill your dreams and plan a European honeymoon that you and your love will never forget.

First of all there are a number of different ways to see and explore Europe. You can stay in one country or you can tour around the continent and see different countries and cities. However, be clear in your mind that you understand that Europe is a continent of vast differences, experiences, languages, currencies and cultures and you will get a different experience depending on where you go, how you choose to go and when you go.

To help you decide you need to understand and take into account what each of some of the major European honeymoon destinations would offer you. Assuming all your paper work is in order, it is relatively easy to travel from one European country to another. Indeed one of the classic ways that people travel around Europe is via the rail network that very often connects many of the major cities and countries.

For instance, for that classic of rail journeys, considered by many to be the epitome of romance and style, you could take the Orient Express rail journey from Venice to Paris. This rail journey takes in some of the continent of Europe’s most beautiful scenery as it travels majestically through Prague, which incidentally has been dubbed “one of the most beautiful cities in Europe,” Frankfurt and onto Paris.

Or you could stay in London and see some of the major attractions of one of the most important cities of the world. London has some of the best theater in the world, has centuries old regal attractions such as The Tower of London and The Changing of The Guard, not to mention superb dining and a city set up to welcome visitors from all over the world.

From London, Paris is but a short train journey away. Now without a doubt, Paris holds the plaque of ‘Romantic Capital of the World’. You can get your romance on a European honeymoon by the bucket load in Paris. Not only can you climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but you can also stroll along the Champs-Elysees and have a coffee on one of the city’s famous side walk cafes.

Because of the diversity and vast cultural differences and experiences that can await you on a European honeymoon, doing your homework is key. Decide on the weather you would like to experience: London in July is different to London in December. Make sure that you take the relevant precautions that visiting any major city requires: safe guard your valuables and take the necessary local advice about experiencing the area and you can easily find the honeymoon in Europe that is suitable for you and your love.

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