Alcohol Disease Risks You Should Be Aware Of

There are many social and mental problems associated with alcoholism, but there are also alcohol disease risks that can cause severe short-term or long-term conditions if left untreated. There are risks to the heart, as well as an increased risk of cancer. There are problems that affect one’s blood sugar levels. The liver can be effected and reproductive systems may be hurt as well as several other complications. All of these conditions are preventable by abstaining from alcohol or decreasing the amount that is consumed.

The heart is affected in several ways when alcohol is abused. One may become afflicted with cardiomyopathy with is an inflammation of the heart and prevents it from working as it should. Alcohol abuse will also bring about what is known as “holiday heart” otherwise known as catrial fibrillation that is seen in an irregular heart beat in what is otherwise a normal and healthy body. It’s usually associated with binge drinking. Hypertension or high blood pressure is also common.

Cancer is also a greater risk here. The areas that are largely going to be more prone to getting cancer are anything having to do with the digestive system. It can start as high as the mouth, lips, and tongue, it can show up in the esophagus or in the colon and rectum. In female alcoholics, breast cancer is also a greater risk.

A condition of the liver known as steatosis or fatty liver is an issue that you want to avoid, especially since it can change into a more serious and long-term condition of the liver known as steatohepatitis or a serious inflammation of the liver. One may also find that they have cerrhosis, which is a scarring of the liver and results in poor liver functioning. This can lead to kidney failure, cancer of the liver, and even mental health problems.

Both males and females may have infertility issues. Females have to worry about passing on problems to their unborn child giving them fetal alcohol syndrome. Males may have to deal with testicular atrophy (a shrinking of the testicles) and a condition known as gynecomastia in which the mammary glands reach an abnormally large size.

Osteopenia is another that is essentially a problem of low bone density bought about by alcoholism that can lead to osteoperosis.

There are many other health issues that come about and many more that will come as more is learned about the harmful effects. The cost of getting that buzz comes with a high risk of serious problems in all aspects of life. One has to wonder if it is worth it. When you look at what harm can come from what may start out as a rather simple and harmless drink, it might be wise to abstain from it altogether. A little alcohol may do you some good from time to time, but overdoing it can cause much more harm than good.

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