Alcoholism is Serious – But There Is Help

Alcohol abuse is not new; there have been people with drinking problem for many years. Throughout history there have been countless events of alcohol abuse and the negative effects it has. You are not alone if you have an alcohol problem, there are many people in the same boat and many that have been there and survived. There are treatment options that can be very effective once you make up your mind to seek help. There isn’t one set treatment plan that will work for everyone, some people will respond differently, but there are different options and there is a treatment that will work for you.

How do you know if you have a drinking problem? If you crave alcohol and are obsessed with getting your next drink then you have a problem. When you reach a point that you have lost control and your whole life is functioning around when you get your next drink then it becomes really evident that you are suffering from alcoholism. Your body becomes dependent on alcohol and when you aren’t drinking you will experience withdrawal symptoms and the more you drink the more you need to drink as your body builds up a tolerance to it. It is only a matter of time before alcohol takes over your life and can cause you to lose everything.

You might find yourself having many social problems also as you care less about social activities and more about drinking. Your relationship with your friends can suffer when you start cancelling engagements and choosing instead to stay home or go out and drink. You may lose your job when you start turning up late or not turning up at all because you are figuring out how to get your next drink. Even your family may take a back seat to your drinking and soon you could lose them too. Everything that was once important to you is now sacrificed just so that you can get that buzz that you feel when you drink. Alcohol becomes so important to you that it matters more to you than all those people in your life that once meant the world to you.

Then there are the many health issues that are associated with alcoholism. Alcohol abuse puts you at high risk for heart disease and other cardiovascular disease. It also puts you at a higher risk of developing cancer and liver and kidney problems. Blood sugar levels are affected and so is your mental health. There are so many health risks from drinking alcohol and you really need to ask yourself if your alcoholism is worth the price of your health.

To overcome alcoholism you really need to want to stop. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you have a problem and how many people tell you to stop, treatment will not be effective until you make the decision yourself to stop. The longer you drink and the more dependent your body becomes on alcohol the harder it is to stop.

Nobody believes that they can become an alcoholic and most alcoholics will live in denial for a very long time. They don’t see their drinking as a problem even though those around them can see it. Alcoholism is a huge problem and it can happen to you so if you think you could have a problem, then seek help now, don’t wait until it’s too late.

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