Artificial Bright Light

If you currently work in an office where light is limited, getting light during the day may be challenging for you. If you feel really drowsy and tired during the first hours of work in the office, chances are your body temperature isn’t rising fast enough, most likely because you haven’t been exposed to enough light, or haven’t had enough activity!

If you work in an office, or at home, a good idea is to get a “bright light box.” Bright light boxes are machines that artificially produce light at high intensities, from 5,000 luxes to up to 10,000 luxes. They’re a bit pricy, but a great investment if you or your employer values your energy level while you’re at work. If you work in a place where your employer depends on your ability to function properly and with full energy, you could give them this book and convince them to invest in a few of them.

They range from $150 to $300 in price, here’s a company I would personally recommend to order these from. Please click here for more information.

Bright light therapy also has a connection with our emotions and daytime mood; it has known to cure depression and other mental disorders. Lack of light in the winter is one of the main causes of winter depression, and why people generally sleep longer in the winter.

Again! I could go on forever about how important light is in our lives, but let’s move on.

Importance of Bright Light

If your office is dark and gloomy due to lack of light, getting light during the day may be a big challenge for you. After the first few hours at office, if drowsiness creeps in, it is because that your body temperature is not rising at the rate that it normally should, because you have not had enough physical activity or you have not been exposed to enough light.

Be it at office or at home, bright light is an essential commodity to the human body as it is to plants. If any of these places are dark or gloomy, a good ides is to invest in “Bright Light Box”. These are artificial light emanating devices that produce high intensity light at approximately 5,000 to 10,000 luxes. These a trifle expensive, but still a good investment for employers who want their employees to work at full energy levels for proper functioning of physical and mental abilities. This article would be an eye-opener to them and convince them to invest in one.

The price range of these Bright Light Boxes is $150 to $300.

Bright light therapy is a very important element which controls us emotionally and sets our mood. This therapy is a known cure for many mental disorders and depression. Winter depression as all of us know makes us sleep more in winter due to lack of natural bright light.

This discussion could go on and on, but let’s move on.

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