Association of Zoos & Aquariums

The Association of Zoos & Aquariums was established in 1924. Known simply as AZA, the organization is not for profit. It is dedicated to ensuring all of the animals at the various zoos & aquariums have the very best elements in place. They have strict guidelines for the way these animals are to be cared for. They offer their accreditation only to those locations that continually strive to follow or exceed those guidelines.

This type of accreditation is very important. People that visit zoos and aquariums are very interested in the efforts for wildlife conservation. They won’t frequent a place that doesn’t uphold the very best of standards. Not having such an accreditation can prevent a zoo or aquarium from getting the animals they want. This can result in lower attendance too because they don’t have the main attractions that appeal to large audiences.

The AZA is also very involved in educational programs that promote the well being of animals. They like to make people of all ages more aware of the impact that animals have on our own lives. They want them to be aware of how their own actions can be a positive or negative impact on such animals. This is why so many zoos and aquariums allow schools to bring in bus loads of children for field trips on a regular basis. The images of what is taking place and the educational materials can be planted into their young minds for them to carry with them as they become adults.

AZA takes any complaints from employees and guests at zoos & aquariums very seriously. They will take the time to look into such issues and explore the options for effectively resolving them. They will also randomly send representatives out to the various zoos & aquariums to make sure they are indeed doing thing correctly.

AZA continues to develop and implement better ways to house the animals at zoos & aquariums. They want to give them the best environment to live in that is reflective of their own. They also want to ensure people are able to get a good view of these animals. Safety is a very important part of making sure both people and animals can enjoy the atmosphere at a zoo & aquarium.

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