Awaiting Arrival Of Plasma HDTV

I am really looking forward to my new plasma HDTV. I don’t know which aspect I am most excited about.

I have ordered a wall mountable plasma HDTV and I am a little worried about the shipping and installation. These kinds of televisions are very fragile and it is difficult to ship and to install them.

I am looking forward to the screen being larger than the LCD screen I am used to. There are also a lot more viewing angles with my new plasma HDTV than with my old LCD.

My new plasma HDTV was pretty expensived, but it was cheaper than a really big LCD screeen I was looking at. I was concerned about burn-in but the salesman assured me that modern plasma screens like my new plasma HDTV don’t have that problem.

The salesman also told me that if my plasma HDTV looks like it experiencing burn-in that it is only experiencing a polarization of the gas particles. The easy fix for this problem is to leave the screen no a static channel for an hour.

I thought it was odd that the salesman asked me if I lived at a high elevation. He said that my new plasma HDTV would hum if I lived over six thousand feet. I don’t live at that high of an elevation, but I thought that the information about humming was interesting.

The salesman told me when I purchased my plasma HDTV that it was going to be at its brightest for the first two thousand hours I used it. Every hour after the first two thousand the display with gradually dim.

My signal is digital, all commercial HDTV is digital. I am going to get an excellent picture with my new plasma HDTV. I have learned that I will never again get a snowy or washed out image from a weak signal.

The colors on my plasma HDTV are going to be so realistic. I just can’t wait to watch National Geographic. This is going to be so cool. I just can’t wait until my new plasma HDTV arrives and gets installed.

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