Bachelor Party – Sending Your Friend Off to Marriage

Getting married is a big step in a man’s life. It’s making a lifelong commitment to the person they love, and saying there will be nobody else. A lot of guys get nervous at that idea, but they also look forward to having a bachelor party.

Traditionally, it’s the best man that is responsible for throwing the bachelor party (known as a stag party or stag night in New Zealand and the UK, buck’s night in Australia, and a bull’s party in South Africa). This type of celebration can trace its roots back to the days of ancient Greece, but it has changed over the years until it has become what it is today.

The popular image of a bachelor party is one of wild drunkenness and strippers. Let’s face it, a lot of these parties are just that. It’s also fairly common to tease the groom in many ways, especially about his supposed loss of freedom.

Some parties are held in a small place, even somebody’s home. They may be at a local bar, or some other place nearby. Other parties will rent a bus and party on the bus between various destinations, though these destinations could still be close to where the groom lives, but there can still be drinking and lots of bare flesh.

One of the newer trends is to go to a major destination and party for a whole weekend. Las Vegas is always a popular choice as it provides just about everything bachelor parties are looking for. Other top US choices include New York City, Miami and New Orleans. However, any city that is associated with partying and night life is fair game.

If you are the one in charge of planning the bachelor party, then you have to make sure everybody has a good time, but you also have to make sure there are some checks in place to keep things from going too far. That’s one of the reasons renting a bus is such an attractive option: the guys can all have a few drinks, and not have to risk their lives by getting behind the wheel of a car.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is what will make the groom happy. After all, the bachelor party is meant for him. So, if he doesn’t drink, or is opposed to seeing strippers, then don’t plan on doing things. Believe it or not, a lot of guys will get together for a cookout in a friend’s back yard, will go to a sporting event, or go on a group camping trip. As long as everybody has a good time, that’s all that matters.

The final consideration is whether or not the bachelor party will be a surprise to the groom. There are good reasons for doing it either way, but again, think about what would cause the groom to have a better time. Because if he’s having a good time, then everybody else is going to have a good time, too.

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