Be in the Zone with the Right Food Plan

It is a fact that exercise is an important factor for weight-loss. Exercise combined with proper food regimens may help individuals who want to lose significant amounts of weight. There is no shortage of advice when it comes to this issue. Several books, magazines, and Internet sites suggest different aids for weight-loss. Some may work, some may not. Unfortunately, many diets are hard to sustain because some of these food regimens take away certain foods, making people who want to lose weight feeling deprived and hungry. Some food regimens are often temporary, something that will be endured for awhile and stopped after some time. Because of this, any lost weight may return quickly. However, there is one way of eating food that is preferred by many individuals who want to lose excess weight. It is called the Zone diet. A kind of eating routine that does not prohibit any foods, but reduce foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates like rice, starches, and pasta. This kind of eating regimen simply consumes all nutrients but in small servings.

The basis of the Zone diet is that if an individual consumes the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, they will significantly improve their health. This food regimen includes calories in 40:30:30 proportions that contain carbohydrates, protein, and fat respectively. This means one’s food consumption should consists of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% favorable fats on a daily meal. It is said that this food intake plan manages the insulin levels in the body which may lead to clear mind, high, energy levels, and elevated moods. The founder of this eating plan, PhD Barry Sears claims that this food regimen, explains that excess insulin, a hormone helps control the blood levels makes people gain weight. “The American public is overweight due to a high intake of carbohydrates, and that this style of eating causes an overproduction of insulin. The solution is to eat a lower carbohydrate, higher protein, and moderate fat to balance these hormones within the preferred zone.” Sears added. The Zone diet regulates the blood sugar levels by balancing insulin levels therefore burning body fat more efficiently that may promote weight-loss.

Other advantages of the Zone Diet meal:

One does not feel deprived or have the craving for high cholesterol, high fat foods.

Eating all kinds of food is allowed to be consumed moderately.

It encourages consumption of three healthy, freshly prepared gourmet meals throughout the day.

It makes the eating habits simple by providing some tips.

It enables individuals to learn to stay fit without starving oneself.

This food regimen is actually not bad compared to some of the low calorie food plans that are in the market. But like any food intake routines, the Zone diet does have its weaknesses, because some of the recipes are often full of nutritional information. Another problem that can be encountered with this eating plan, is that it suggests unhealthy food combinations like beer and cottage cheese in a single meal. Individuals who want to engage in this kind of food regimen should seek the approval of nutritionists and other health professionals. They may devise an eating program that soothes one’s health needs.

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