Brain Anatomy

The brain is a fascinating and complex unit of our body. The brain is responsible for so many things. It stores our short term and long term memories. The ability to learn is from our brain as well. Our emotions and triggers are stored in our brain. The brain is a source of information on everything we do and about who we are.

The anatomy of the brain shows us just how complex it truly is. There is so much about the brain science and the medical field have not yet uncovered. However, there is a great deal we have learned about the brain by studying the physical features of it. We have also learned from the neurological aspects of the brain. We have the ability to perform brain surgery and remove tumors as well as install plates for those who have neurological damage. This is a fascinating area of science and medicine that can be overwhelming to learn about in detail.

There are six main areas of the brain to learn about. The parietal lobe helps us understand written language as well as communicate with others. Our sensory cortex is located here, controlling the sensations we get with touching and amounts of pressure. This is also an area of judgment for size, weight and distance.

The occipital lobe is located at the rear of the brain. This is where visual information is processed. It helps use to recognize shapes and colors. The cerebellum helps us with coordination including balance and muscle movement that help you walk, talk, eat, and routine tasks involved in caring for ourselves.

The brainstem is a very important part of the brain. It is connected to the spinal cord. This portion of the brain helps with required body functions including breathing, digesting, the regulation of the heart rate, blood pressure, and being alert while awake.

The temporal lobe is how we smell. This is surprising information for most of us who think only the nose is responsible for our sense of smell. This region is also used for short term memory processing.

The frontal lobe is a very important portion of the brain. It is responsible for planning, organizing, problem solving, paying attention to details, behavior, and emotions. This is the area of our brain we use the most in our daily routines and decisions.

Since the brain performs so many features, it is obvious why a brain injury can be so serious. It can result in death if areas such as the brainstem are affected. Brain injuries can affect how other areas of the body are able to function. Ironically, we only use about 10% of our brain!

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