Buying Diamond Earrings Online

Buying diamond earrings online may sound like a risk, but I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. Instead of sorting through the various wholesale sellers, retail stores and bargain shops on the internet, I go straight to eBay. That’s right, I’ve bought a few different pairs of diamond earrings on eBay and have enjoyed every minute of the experiences.

Okay, for those of you shaking your heads saying, “but only a fool would trust such a costly purchase to an online auction marketplace”, I say “obviously you haven’t seen the prices!”. I was able to find the exact same cut and quality that I had seen in the top jewelers’ stores I’d visited around the city, and for a fraction of the price.

I bought my first pair of diamond earrings on eBay a few years ago and enjoyed the ease of shopping and the quality of the diamond earrings so much that I try to shop for all my jewelry there now. Not only do many sellers on eBay offer the best prices, but the selection can’t be beat.

When you’re shopping at an online marketplace like eBay that has sellers and items fro mall around the world, you’re simply not going to find that kind of selection anywhere else. From one website you can browse through diamond earrings in Europe, the United States or anywhere else. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

As long as you follow a few basic guidelines to auction shopping, you’ll be just fine. First of all, don’t be sucked in by the excitement of an auction that’s about to end. No matter how great the item is, there will be another listed just like it. Be patient and search all auctions, not just the ones that are about to end (which is the default display setting).

Be sure to consider seller reputations. Every seller on eBay has a feedback rating. This can tell you a lot about what you can expect from transactions with a given seller. Even the best sellers rarely have a feedback rating of 100%, but you certainly don’t want to deal with one that has a rating of 80%.

Read all of the auction terms before committing to a purchase. You’d be surprised what kind of useful information sellers include in their auction terms. You may find out that they do not accept the payment type you need to use, or that they don’t ship to our area.

Pay with a credit card or Paypal. The simple truth is that if you do get taken in some way there is no way to get your money back except initiated a chargeback with your credit card company or Paypal. For this reason, I strongly recommend that you only make purchases with one of these types of payment.

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