Buying Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are often sought by those wishing to have custom settings created. Rather than wait for the jeweler to locate the perfect diamond for your custom ring or other jewelry piece, many people strike out on their own in search of the perfect loose diamond source.

If you perform a search of the internet using the terms ‘loose diamonds’, you’re quickly bombarded with countless websites offering everything from diamond information to sites crammed with links to actual loose diamond sellers and even less direct and/ or relevant search results.

When shopping for loose diamonds it’s worth it to go with a reputable source. I’ve bought several diamonds online from so-called loose diamond retailers and wholesalers, with mixed results. You’re welcome to perform your own research and experiments, but when it comes to something as costly as diamonds I’d rather not have to worry about returns and whether or not the claimed quality is the actual quality, etc.

I bought a few diamonds from less reputable sources and everything worked out well. The diamonds were the same cut, clarity, color and depth as they had been marketed and I was very pleased at saving some money. That said, I’ve also had some bad experiences with loose diamond purchases online. One case in particular left me steaming mad with a very overpriced diamond that was no where near the quality I had been lead to believe it was.

Though I’ve had good experiences shopping for loose diamonds online, the one very bad experience was enough to convince me to go with a well known loose diamond source for all future loose diamond purchases.

After researching and consulting others in the know, I finally decided on Mondera. You can visit their website and browse through all kinds of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. There is even a handy diamond search tool that allows you to input your specifications and shows you loose diamonds that match.

I have nothing but praise for Mondera and the diamonds I’ve bought from them. The quality and customer service are the best I’ve seen. I will continue to buy loose diamonds from Mondera and advise others to do the same; it’s a great company with a great product.

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