California Nursing Board

The mission of the California nursing board is to protect the health and safety of consumers and promote quality registered nursing in the State of California. To accomplish this, they have established and upheld competency standards. They have provided guidance and interpretation. They have also prevented patient harm and intervened with discipline and rehabilitation.

The California nursing board serves the public in a customer-oriented, well-managed, and respectful manner. They also provide employees with opportunities for satisfying work in an atmosphere of trust, shared commitment, and valuing of diversity and individual differences.

California registered nurses are required to document completion of continuing education courses as a way of supporting their continued competency to practice. The requirement is that registered nurses complete a minimum of 30 contact hours every two years in subjects relevant to the practice of nursing. The courses must be taken from providers approved by the California nursing board.

The California nursing board runs a diversion program. This program has been proven to be an effective method of intervening in cases in which registered nurses are impaired by drugs, alcohol or mental illness. The diversion program run by the California nursing board is a voluntary and confidential program that provides public protection and enables the registered nurse to focus on recovery.

Complaints that are handled by the California nursing board are very specific. They do not handle every problem that involves nurses. They do handle complaints about patient abuse and neglect.

Other complaints that are handled by the California nursing board include drug and alcohol abuse and incompetence. There are really many different things that happen after a complaint is filed with the California nursing board.

Within ten days of receiving a complaint, the California nursing board will send the reporting individual a notification of receipt. The enforcement team will conduct an initial investigation and then prioritize the complaint.

The enforcement team of the California nursing board will follow up a complaint with one of four actions. They close cases that do not fall in the nursing board’s jurisdiction and complaints in reference to drug and alcohol abuses as well as mental illness are referred to the diversion program.

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